Sex Vashikaran by Kamdev Mantra

Sex can be an exquisite expression of intimacy, but it can also be a way of avoiding intimacy. Sex can express feeling of love, but it can also be used to avoid feeling of love. Sex obviously involves physical intimacy. As for emotional intimacy, we can use our sexual feeling and those of our partner to defend ourselves against other feelings, which might take us deeper into ourselves than we feel comfortable going at the moment. We therefore flee into safe territory. The point is that we should not equate intimacy with intercourse. Sometimes talking is far more intimate. Sometimes looking at each other without words can be more intimate than gender.

it involves an act of self-celebration. When we feel love of ourselves and at harmony with ourselves, then sex is natural and spontaneous expression of our feeling for our partner, for ourselves, and for our existence. In sex we desire the freedom to be spontaneous, to be emotionally open, to assert our right to pleasure in our own being.